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Star Distributors works with many trucking companies and will request several quotes to assure you the best possible shipping rate. All orders are carefully picked, checked and shrink wrapped on pallets. If you have any further questions please contact your Star Distributors representative.


Our shipping volume increases during the holiday seasons i.e. Halloween and Christmas. We may have a slight delay during those particular seasons. We know and understand that getting your orders out in a timely matter are important. We will work hard to meet your specific shipping dates. If you have any questions about the status of your order and shipping time frame please contact us.

*Star Distributors will not ship liquids or fragile items i.e. picture frames, glassware/dinnerware on their own unless the merchandise can be packed on a pallet and shrink wrapped. No single cartons of these types of items will ship via UPS.


Shipping estimates are just that... every time you add an item or make changes your shipping rate will change. Each shipping estimate is based on the order's weight, cube and destination. If changes are made after your order is submitted, you will receive a new shipping estimate.


Payment of freight charges is the responsibility of the customer. All freight ships F.O.B./Freight Collect from our warehouse in N Milwaukee Ave., Illinois. After your order leaves our warehouse, the customer owns the goods in transit and is responsible for filing any damage claims directly with the trucking company. All freight charges that are prepaid with a credit card can be subject to a service charge fee by the credit department.


Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipping/UPS We work with the best trucking companies possible to get the highest discount on your shipments. We will quote you the rates/discounts supplied to us by our carriers. If you have an agreement with a preferred carrier you must let us know ahead of time when you are placing your order with us.

  • Commercial Shipping
    Star Distributors works with a wide range of trucking and transportation companies throughout the country so you can enjoy the benefit of the best, inexpensive, reliable, quickest and safest method possible.
  • Residential Inside Deliveries/Special requests or services
    we must know ahead of time if your order is shipping to a residence. Additional charges may apply. Most shipping companies have a standard fee applied to all residential deliveries. Shipments with a residential destination could be subject to a fuel surcharge, and extra charges.

*Inside deliveries/Lift gates/Call for appointments

When there is a request for a lift gate, a call before delivery or inside delivery additional charges is the responsibility of the customer. Star Distributors will not pay and is not liable for any additional charges incurred. Shipping companies can even deliver inside your business. Again, any extra charges are the responsibility of the customer.

  • International Shipping
    Star Distributors ships product around the world. Make sure you find a reliable Freight forwarder to move your order efficiently. We recommend that you locate a freight forwarder familiar with shipping to your country. Star Distributors can recommend a freight forwarder but will not be liable for any services provided by them.

*Drop shipping/Internet e-tailors

Each decision on whether to drop ship is unique depending on the order and type of business. We may decide NOT to drop ship. Discuss this option with a salesperson.

*Time Line for transportation (These are estimates only from the time they leave our facility)


*Orders placed ahead of time for Customer pick-up

Depending on the size of your order and the time of day we received it, your order will be ready for you within (24) hours to pick-up. We need a reasonable amount of time to pick your order. Customers should verify first with your salesperson or our traffic department if this time frame is available.

*By Trucking Company (as arranged/confirmed by customers)

All orders will be carefully picked, checked and shrink wrapped on pallets to secure your shipment during transit. These steps help avoid extra costs, increase efficiencies and reduce damages.

*Please note:

Customers arranging their own pick-up/transportation must provide full information on the trucking company to their salesperson. This is strictly based on shipments that are set up by the customer. All pick-up orders have to be routed out by the customer, which means they will need to provide their sales representative with the name of the trucking company, contact information, name, time and date of pick-up.

*Walk-in, Pick-Up Now orders

We welcome walk-in orders. Customers placing and picking up orders the same day must allow us a reasonable amount of time to do so depending on the size of your order. At times we may not be able to allow you to pick-up your order the same day. This will vary depending on our work load in the warehouse.