Oval Bolt Hammered Party Tub

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Material:Stainless Steel

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For the same great functionality and pristine appearance, but for a better value, choose this 19.29″ x 10.24″ Oval Shape stainless steel beverage tub with base. Made of hammered stainless steel and measuring exactly the same, these products are nearly identical!  This product’s hammered texture creates a linear design around the tub’s perimeter, adding a modern appearance to the scratch- and fingerprint-resistant material. Both buckets include a broad base for optimal stability and two side swings handles for easy transportation. Plus, the 11″ height and Oval design ensures your wine and champagne bottles remain submerged in ice and chilly temperatures are retained throughout our event’s duration. 

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Ovl Blt Hmmrd Party Tub

Master 4pcs $19.5/pc, Inner 2pcs $21/pc