Star Distributors Inc. will not ship single cases or small orders containing aerosol sprays due to HAZMAT restrictions. We do not ship single cases containing liquid. That list includes, but is not limited to: pump sprays, cleaners, shampoos, conditioners, personal care items, perfumes, bath & body wash, or any other liquid item deemed fragile to ship on their own. We will also not ship single cases of: picture frames, glassware, dinnerware, candles, plastic containers, plastic dishes or serving ware via UPS due to potential damages. Star Distributors Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order if determined it does not meet a minimum order requirement or if the items cannot be shipped safely.

Your Estimate & Charges

Shipping estimates are just that… an estimate.  If changes are made to your order, the shipping fees will also change.  A shipping estimate is based on weight, cube and destination. When a change is made, we have to recalculate the entire order again. All freight charges are the responsibility of the customer. All orders ship F.O.B./Freight Collect from our warehouse in Chicago Illinois.  After your order leaves our facility, the customer owns the goods in transit and is responsible for filing any damage claims directly with the trucking company.  Any freight charges that are prepaid with a credit card can be subject to a service charge fee by the credit department.

Shipping Carrier

We ship small orders by UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and larger order By Trucking Company or Cheapest way unless you have certain preference carrier.

The location of your store matters! Please let us know ahead of time. Limited Access (locations that are hard to access or need credentials or password PIN to enter the for Example:  schools, military bases, prisons, government buildings. 

  • Waiting Time: At the time of delivery, you have 30 minutes to unload your order off the truck. An additional 30 minutes is allotted for orders over 2,500lbs, with an additional 30min for each increase of 2500lbs. – (varies by carrier)
  • Storage Charge: If shipment is stalled for any reason or you cannot commit to your delivery appointment when trucker arrives and you reject delivery.
  • Weekend Delivery: Additional charges will apply if you request a weekend delivery.
  • Reconsignment: When the delivery address changes while the goods are already in transit.
  • Multiple Stops: Drop off points where the carrier delivers portions of the load to multiple locations.
  • Lumper Fees:  Grocery stores and large warehouses charge these fees to unload the container.
  • Sort & Segregation charges: When a customer requires the driver to unload and sort the merchandise for the
  • Inside deliveries/Liftgates/Delivery Appointments
  • Orders arranged for pick-up by the Customer All orders will be carefully picked, checked and shrink wrapped on pallets to secure your shipment during transit. These steps help avoid extra costs, increase efficiencies and reduce damages.